In Partnership with Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust (NEFOC-LT), we welcomed Athena Bernkopf as Bridge Coordinator and Natasha Strickland as WILDSEED Co-Operations Director! Our first day together began with fellowship and ritual, making offerings to the land, and inviting our ancestors to support the work ahead. 

Natasha is contributing to WILDSEED’s strategic planning and implementation through site management and development, and helping coordinate WILDSEED programs, farmer leases, rentals and residencies. 

Athena is supporting WILDSEED to cultivate a land tenure structure that actualizes the vision and values of WILDSEED as fully as possible, while facilitating our partnership with NEFOC-LT to transfer the title into a legal structure that protects the land in perpetuity.

We are deeply blessed to have them as part of the team! 

You can contact Athena and Natasha here: 

Land Title Transfer

We are working closely with the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust (NEFOC-LT) to further the work of transferring the title to the land WILDSEED sits on into a Land Trust and concretize a legal structure that protects the land in perpetuity. The transfer involves indigenous consultation, environmental review, instituting cultural respect and climate migration easements, and establishing governance. WILDSEED and NEFOC-LT’s gathered on the land last fall to develop covenants with the land and ancestors.