WILDSEED /wīld-sēd/


1) a cosmic bundle of infinite immensity capable of reproducing life. The encoding of unhindered lineages of liberation contained within each of us.

2) a Black and Brown-led intentional community, ecological farm, and healing sanctuary focused on transformative justice, earth stewardship and intergenerational responsibility. Fertile ground on which to plant our wildest dreams.


WILDSEED Community Farm & Healing Village is a space to actively experience the change we devote our lives to. We are a collective of Black Indigenous and other People of Color working in collaboration with our ancestors to steward 181 acres in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We are co-creating a healing sanctuary, ecological farm, and political and creative home rooted in dignity, interdependence, transformative justice, connection to nature and intergenerational love.


Surrounded by mountains and adjacent to a state forest, WILDSEED is situated on unceded Stockbridge Munsee Mohican and Lenape territory.

We are a community by and for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, queer and trans folks, farmers, artists, activists, healers on the frontlines of state violence and environmental injustice. We devote ourselves to cultivating collaborative, reciprocal relationships with each other and this magnificent land as a site of safety, sustenance and belonging for people historically dispossessed from land.

Our collective work is guided by the following core principles:

  1. Embodying the World We Dream Of
  2. Healing Present and Ancestral Trauma
  3. Ecological Guidance & Reverence for the Earth
  4. Communal Intimacy & Interdependence
  5. Radical Imagination & Courageous Artistry
  6. Liberatory Economics
  7. Transformative & Restorative Justice
  8. Accessibility & Inclusivity
  9. Movement Building & Education
  10. Intergenerational Responsibility






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We are grateful for your support toward sustaining this longterm vision for the health and self-determination of our community.

contact: love [at] wildseedcommunity.org